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We Manage Your Humans So You Don't Have To

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Talent management

Data-driven surveys, performance evaluations, goal-setting, and employee timelines are only a few of our features that support one of HR's most important task: talent management. 


 Revolutionize your onboarding process. Give newbies early access to information and give yourself a break from paperwork. 

Time Managment

Take a break from admin-heavy absence management. From Timetracking to PTO, we've got you covered.

(We do not provide accounting services)

Training and development

Our services provide a hands-off experience. Just provide the content and our design and marketing teams will do the rest.


We know these conversations are hard.

Let us conduct your  exit interviews.


The HR Resource for your Small Business

As a Small Business Owner, your time and resources are the most important asset you own! The professionals at Manage My Humans will save valuable time and maximize your resources by putting our over 20 years of Human Resource experience to work for you.

Why Choose Us

HR Policy & Procedures

Employer Coaching & Guidance

Compliant Onboarding & Terminations

General & Compensation Compliance

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